About Jerry-Rigs.com

Jerry-rig is a popular melange amiss© of the terms "jury-rig" and "jerry built."

Jury-rigged should not be confused with Jerry built.

A jury-rig implies something fixed or built to fulfill a need using available materials and often in less than optimal circumstances. Think emergency repairs to a battle damaged and wrecked sailing ship. The term implies nothing about quality. Jury-rigs can sometimes possess an elegance that belies their humble origins. [Or not.]

Jerry built implies that something was cheaply, as opposed to inexpensively, constructed. Something thrown together to make a quick buck without any concern for quality. Id est, a piece o'crap.

I hope that this site captures more of a sense of the former, but since I built most of it, Jerry-Rigs is truely Jerry built.

Welcome to my vanity,


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