About Me

I am a nerd and proud of it.

I don't mean a new nerd, Maker, l33t haxxor, mad skills fantasy football freak, or social mediast who can blog, tweet, selfie, and txt 5 poeple at once on their just released jailbroke iWhatever v1.0 while driving.

No, I mean a grokking, professional & amateur; editing punched cards with razor blades and tape; DM'ing; Tesla was robbed;  None shall pass; Hohmann transfer; toasting to melba; orange book; watermelon in a hydraulic press; dewey decimal 500's & 600's; LOX bar-b-que; Ada Lovelace was a hottie; blue box; 110,000 VAC shock surviving; GEB, dragon tickling; architechs build targets; wormsign calling; red-shirted; Plan 9; I feel obligated to correct you; ye olde school: Geek!

I love to conceive, design, and build ... stuff. Sometimes for function, sometimes for fun. Sometimes it gets shared here. Mostly, I conceive of an idea, mentally consider the design, start the build, get distra ... Hey! That's shiney! I bet that I could do something with that ....

I am a Dad with all that entails. Some of that gets shared here too.

I am an amateur photographer. I enjoy shooting artful objects and people. Some of the results get shared here as well.

In case you were wondering, Jerry Rigs is not my name. It is my nom de nuage©.


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