What is Adobe doing?

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Alternate title: How to install Adobe Encore CS6 and Adobe Premeir Pro CC together.

I think that Adobe products are the most powerful creative production tools available in their price range. They span the range some serious hobbyist to professional. I am an Adobe user that is on the low end of that scale. I want to be better with those tools bout I haven't spent the time to gain he required experience to be better. As a result, every time I have a project, I spend a lot of time relearning the most basic things. 

I heard somewhere that Adobe Photoshop is the most pirated piece of software in the world. I don't know if that's true, but I bet Adobe products are way up there. As much as I abhor DRM, I recognize that Adobe must protect thier investment and, done right, DRM doesn't have to be draconian. 

I bought Creative Suite (CS) some years ago so I would have a license to all the tools I might want. I recently bought into Adobe's Creative Cloud (CC) at a discounted rate. If it goes up, I may be forced out. So, I have access to the full suite. Great.

When I got a little GoPro Hero 3 and started playing with it, I wanted to make a video and burn a DVD To test the workflow. Hey, I've got Adobe Premier Pro, this should be easy. Uh, yeah. Maybe not.

I learned how to create the video I wanted with slo-mo and other effects so I moved on to burning a DVD. Premier Pro doesn't do that. Adobe Encore does that. OK, go to CC to install Encore. Uh, it ain't there. Google. It's been retired. Ah, but CC users have access to CS 6 which still has Encore. Cool. Google. Everybody and their mother is trying to find out how to install it. It is ... difficult. 

When Adobe introduced CC, they moved away from the Adobe Application Manager (AAM), but AAM is a persistent little tick. There is no uninstall for AAM. You have to uninstall all of the Adobe products that is is aware of and then it will uninstall itself. Well, mostly kinda but not quite. And oh, by the way, CC and AAM don't play well together.

CC and AAM apparently use some of the same parts. Adobe figures that those parts should probably stay on your machine, even though you uninstall everything because you might need them again. Isn't Adobe nice? So after I uninstalled Adobe products, I install CC, jump through the hoops to get Encore installed and find AAM running again. And it's fighting with its CC sibling. Grr. 

OK, uninstall all, run the Adobe Cleaner app. Oh yeah, thier app management is so bad, they have a brute force cleanup tool. It's not hidden (much) but it is a separate download with dire warnings about it's use. Anyway, run the cleaner and reinstall CC and Encore. And AAM is back too.

Google. There is a cryptic reference to renaming an Adobe subdirectoriy called OOBE. I gather that is where Adobe keeps those shared parts that are incomparable between versions and not uninstalled, and oh, by the way, not updated with newer versions when CC is installed. Ugly. No telling what that is doing to the registry. Did I say "ugly"? I though so.

So, the correct way to install CC with CS Encore:

  1. Uninstall all Adobe CC, CS, and standalone tools.
  2. Run the cleaner.
  3. rename the OOBE folder.
  4. reboot, for good measure.
  5. install CC,
  6. click "more information" under CC Premier Pro.
  7. select Premier Pro CS6 and download.
  8. uninstall Premier Pro CS6 but uncheck Encore.
  9. finally install Premier Pro CC.

See, now isn't that obvious?


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